Have you got a business idea and looking for financial partners?

Have you got a business idea and looking for financial partners?

Or have you just started your new Start-Up and need to introduce it to as many people as possible?

In this case, an animated video to explain your new project is the best solution!

Thanks to an animated video, in a few minutes you will be able to explain your business idea.

In this way, it is possible to simplify even the most complex concepts, and you will be able to explain your product or service in an engaging way.

An animated video describes your product or service better than any other online content.

Why? It is visual, simple, clear and effective.

Visual content attracts a lot more attention than written content:

People are attracted 85% more by animated videos, rather than by simply written text on a website, or from a classic presentation.

An animated video will explain your business idea and the concept you want to express in less than 3 minutes.

Animated videos for Start-Up, have the power to describe complex and innovative ideas in a simple way, involving the people with extreme ease.

1. An animated video is very useful before a business meeting

Having an animated video that easily explains your project will make everything simpler.

To how many people will you have to explain your business idea? What will be the best words or terms to use?

When launching a new project, be it a service or a new product, there are many variables in play, that may be challenging.

This is why an animated video specifically created to explain your business, is the best solution.

The animated video will be very useful to you even if you are looking for investors to finance your project.

Presenting your business idea with an animated video will increase the standing of your project, making it more professional, clear, simple, intuitive and engaging.

You can easily send it via Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger, and when you talk to your contact person, everything will be much easier, because the animated video would have already explained in detail the most important things.

Having an animated video of your project will facilitate the communication of the project itself, as anyone can share the animated video with ease, thus increasing the possibility of success of your project.

2. An animated video for your Start-UP, will attract customers in no time at all

We have already said that with an animated video of your company presentation, it is much easier to make your audience understand the idea of your product or service, but not only!

The animated video has the power of conversion: that is, it drastically converts visitors of your website into customers.

An animated video guides people to understand more easily the value of the idea that you want to convey, and this increases the probability of buying or requesting information.

Statistics show that websites with animated videos, increase the probability of purchases and information requests from 20% to 60%.

3. Increase the online viewing of your Start-UP

Research has shown that animated videos keep visitors on your site longer, increasing their attention from a few seconds to even minutes.

This means that online viewing on your website will increase dramatically, thanks to the fact that people will not leave your site easily, and this is a very important factor for a Start-Up, which is starting from scratch.

Remember: the longer users stay on your site, the more Google will reward you by placing your product on the first pages and at the top positions, as it will consider your site interesting.

4. Increase distribution of your Start-UP via social media

Whatever the sector of your Start-UP, the presence on social media channels is essential.

This is why an animated video is the simplest content to share on social media and will yield a high percentage of shares.

For a Start-Up, one of the crucial factors to communicate one’s online presence is that of sharing the project with an increasing number of users, through social media channels.

Animated videos make it easy to share and expose your new Start-UP.